Northern Gas & Power

During the last year we have had the pleasure of working with one of the fastest growing companies in the North East of England – Northern Gas & Power (NGP).

We were initially commissioned by NGP to create a bank of imagery to use on their new website, which would tie in perfectly with their brand and design. We worked closely with the web development company Union Room in order to achieve this. After completing the first round of imagery, the client was absolutely delighted with the results and we have worked with them on numerous projects ever since.

We have captured over 200 headshots for NGP, however these are not your normal boring headshots against a white wall, these are much more visually appealing and the quality is on-par with top London corporations. Here are a few examples of the headshots we carried out for NGP:

More of our work for NGP and other large corporations can be seen on our Corporate page.


Who are NGP?

Northern Gas and Power: the energy management consultancy and procurement specialist that combines a global reach and buying power with a local attention to detail.

We have worked with thousands of clients, of all sizes and from all sectors, to reduce the amount of energy they use and the wholesale cost of their energy.

Our clients let us take control of the details – reducing energy use, effective energy procurement strategies, reducing their carbon footprint, cutting the time and cost of their energy-related admin – so that they can concentrate on the bigger picture.

Let us use our decades of experience of the energy industry to bring your energy use and costs under the tightest possible control.

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