My adventures in the Philippines…

Recently I embarked on a trip to the Far East, specifically the Philippines, southern China and Hong Kong. One of the things I love about being a photographer is the travelling. I absolutely love to travel the world and visit new and exciting places, learn about different cultures and try all sorts of foods.In this blog I’d like to focus on Zambales in the Philippines.

To be honest I barely scratched the surface in the Philippines, as there are over 5,500 islands that make up the Philippines and I only visited a few of them! Therefore, I’ll be making plenty more trips out there to discover more of that breathtaking county and I’ll be sure to take my camera with me and get plenty of photographs to share with you all.

Zambales is located around 3-4 hours drive north from Manila in the Philippines. It is a great place to visit for camping and surfing as it is located on a beachfront. I stayed in a treehouse while there as it felt a little more authentic compared to a hotel room or bungalow.

Most of my time in Zambales was spent at the beach, taking photographs of the wrecked boats, beaches and people in the sea. The filipino people are incredibly friendly and welcoming to you taking photographs of them, which worked great for me.


Here is some of my work from Zambales:

Make sure to visit my Philippines Gallery in the Travel section to see more of my work from this trip. I’ll be updating it over time with new images, as and when I get time to work on them.


Some of the children battling against the waves:


Lastly a few sunset images showing the seascape, which was absolutely stunning:


To find out more information on where I stayed while in Zambales, you can visit the Crystal Beach Resort website.

You can read a little more information about Zambales by visiting one of their tourism websites –

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